Login creation/renewal howto

Note that the procedure for renewal is exactly the same as the procedure for creation. Just make sure you consistently use the same email address.

Step one: go to the login creation web page. This web page is accessible ONLY FROM a university network and is best viewed with a recent browser.

Step two: fill in the text box with your email address and click ‘Send’. You will receive an email with a unique URL. Click it (or copy/paste it in your browser’s address bar if the link is not clickable in your email program.)


Step three: fill in the form.

The first frame concerns your personal information. Please provide your first and last names, the login you would like to use (one is suggested automatically), and your phone number. You also need to provide with the email address of your supervisor, or of a trusted contact person who can make decision about your jobs/data in case you cannot be reached in time. See the popup that arises when you hover that text box for more information. You also have to choose (and repeat) a password that is complex enough (see details from the popup that arises when you hover that text box.)


In the second frame, indicate which services you request. Computing is ticked by default. If you would like to access the SMCS computers, tick the ‘Statistical computing’ box.


If you need mass storage space, tick the ‘Mass storage’ box. You then need to enter the email address of the person to whom the bill for your storage usage should be sent.


In the third frame, choose which institute (left-most column) and which department (‘pole’ - right-most column) you belong to. If you are with the SGSI, or ARCV, choose accordingly in the left-most column. Researchers who come from other universities should choose ‘Non-UCL’ in the left column and then choose their university in the right-most column


Finally, choose either ‘Save’, if you are interrupted and want to complete the submission later on, or choose ‘Submit’ to submit your application.


Step four: wait until you receive an email indicating that your account has been activated. In the mean-time, have a look at the documentation, which holds very important information.