SSH gateways

The SSH gateways allow you to access resources that are available only inside the university network eventhough you are home or abroad. With the gateway, you can connect to the CECI clusters, to Manneback, to the interactive machines, or to the storage machines that are normally only accessible when you are connected to the university network (wired or wifi ).

There are two gateways that you can use, depending on the account you have.

  • CISM account: use gwcism
  • CÉCI account: use gwceci

Please note the following restrictions in the use of the gateways:

  • the CÉCI gateway can only be used as a jump host, you will not be able to SSH to it directly.
  • the CISM gateway can only reach the CISM clusters, mass storage and interactive machines.

To know how to configure the gateway, please refer to the CÉCI documentation:

The information you need is the following:

  • For gwcism :
    • Gateway address:
    • Port: 22
    • Username: <Your CISM username>
    • Password: <The password of your CISM account>
  • For gwceci :
    • Gateway address:
    • Port: 22
    • Username: <Your CÉCI username>
    • Private ssh key: <Your CÉCI key file (id_rsa.ceci)>
    • Passphrase: <The passphrase corresponding to your CÉCI SSH key>


You do not need to be abroad or home to use and test the connection to the gateway. Make sure it all works through the gateway when you are in your office before attempting to connect from home.


This directory was created for you when you registered. It is given as a simple means to organize a replication-based backup strategy. This strategy consists in duplicating all your data on distinct servers in distinct rooms so as to minimize losses due to hazard.

Every file that you copy in this directory is synchronized every hour on another server in another room. Note that therefore, the space you use in that directory is charged twice!

Note that because it is used twice on distinct servers ; data in ALSOreplicus are copied every hour onto another server to serve as a simple backup procedure.