Popular software are pre-installed by the system administrators and managed with environment modules. Type module avail for a list of installed software on a cluster.

Free and open source software

Open source software is most of the time compiled from sources, using Easybuild when possible. Users can install their own version in their home directory. See more information on the CÉCI website

Commercial software

We enable access to the following commercial software:

  • Intel Cluster Studio : to compile software and get the most of the CPU’s capabilities. It is available on all CISM-hosted clusters.
  • Matlab : Installed on the interactive machines. The recommended usage is to compiled Matlab code to C code on the interactive machines and submit the compiled code to a cluster for scale-out.
  • SAS (in collaboration with SMCS) : Available on the SMCS machines for use with a.o. SAS Entreprise Guide.

The above software can be used by all CISM users on the CISM computers on which they are installed.

We also have software that is available only to CISM users who have a valid software licence:

  • Abaqus : Available on Lemaitre3. Approximately 45 tokens are available. Add Slurm option -L abaqus@ucl to help Slurm schedule your job when a token is available.