Apropos of Lemaître...

Present and future of high-performance computing

Wednesday November 15th 2006

Auditorium Barb 91


The High-Performance Computing and Mass Storage Institute of the UCL has recently acquired a new computing system of about 300 processors, with high-speed connection, nicknamed "Lemaitre" (in honour of the well-known scientist, father of the "Big Bang", who was the first to introduce a digital scientific computer in the UCL, in 1958).
At this occasion, we are organizing the present half-day event...

Computing room with the E101 computer, May 1959

Photo: Archives Lemaitre


Georges Lemaître between Robert Millikan and Albert Einstein, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, January 10th 1933

Photo: Archives Lemaitre


  14h00 Welcome address
Prof. Daniel Peeters, president of CISM (UCL)
  14h05 Foreword
Prof. R. Keunings, pro-rector for research (UCL)

Prof. Paul Durham,CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory


  14h55 Simulation of complex fluid flows and turbulence using parallel computing
Prof. G. Winckelmans (UCL)
  15h25 High performance computing, the only tool for experimenting on the earth system
Prof. E. Deleersnijder (UCL)
Coffee break / posters
Prof. M. Kasemann (DESY - Hambourg)

Dr. J. P. Minet (UCL)
Simulating matter at the nanoscale: software development and applications
Prof. X. Gonze (UCL)

Conclusion /drink/posters

A poster presentation is organized. All posters related to high-performance computing are welcome. The space for each poster will be limited to 1.20m x 1.20 m (i.e. sufficient space for a A0 poster). The description of each poster (title, authors, affiliation) should be sent before October 30th to inauguration@cism.ucl.ac.be .


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